It can seem tempting— getting a steal on a costly plastic surgery procedure outside the US— and it is. Medical tourism, as it’s called, happens commonly, but for different reasons than you might think. You might hear often about celebrities or executives traveling to another country for the latest and greatest plastic surgery technique, but more often it happens when patients travel abroad in order to pay less for their chosen procedure. Here are some of the realities of seeking out plastic surgery treatment from outside sources.

It’s dangerous

While every surgical procedure carries a degree of risk, you’re taking certain steps to lower your chances when you pursue a board-certified plastic surgeon for your procedure. A non-board-certified medical provider— even within the US— isn’t guaranteed to have the proper training and experience to ensure your procedure is safe and effective. Newsweek details the study of a small selection of patients that sought out plastic surgery out of the country and suffered adverse effects during their recovery period. Unlike having a procedure performed locally, the plastic surgeon is unable to closely monitor any problematic reactions or indications, or infections.

It can be even more costly

Although patients might seek to save a buck on their procedure by going out of the country, it can be costly if they suffer any dangerous after-effects of their procedure and need expensive medical attention once they return home. Without medical coverage, this can be devastating. It can wind up costing as much or more than a procedure with a board-certified plastic surgeon at an established practice.

Although countries like South Korea or the Dominican Republic have thriving plastic surgery communities, the above points are good reasons to seek out domestic procedures. Dr. Trupiano is a board-certified plastic surgeon who offers many financing options for the procedure you’ve always dreamed of. Contact our office to schedule a consultation and begin your journey.