If you have loose, stretched skin, it’s normal to be hesitant about surgery. J-Plasma is one non-surgical alternative that can tighten skin using advanced technology for men who want a tighter, more toned look.

What is J-Plasma?

J-Plasma uses cold helium plasma radiofrequency energy to tighten the skin using tiny incisions. It works by emitting helium gas and radiofrequency energy to ionize it. This turns it to cold helium plasma, causing the collagen in the skin to contract and regenerate. The result is better skin quality, contours, and appearance in the treatment area.  

Is J-Plasma Right for Me?

J-Plasma is an excellent option for men looking to tighten stretched skin left over from weight fluctuations. Although a surgical lift procedure is often the most effective way to get rid of stretched skin, some men don’t have enough stretched skin to justify surgery or would rather avoid it. In order to be considered a good candidate for J-Plasma, you should be in overall good health and at a stable, healthy weight. Further weight fluctuations can impact your results, so it’s best to have an active lifestyle in place before considering J-Plasma.

J-Plasma can be performed on virtually any area of the face and body. It can be combined with other treatments like liposuction for a more complete minimally invasive body contouring suite.

Your J-Plasma Procedure

J-Plasma is typically performed using a local anesthetic. To begin, Dr. Trupiano will create a tiny incision in the area, keeping within the natural contours to conceal any possible scarring. The device will be inserted where it will emit cold helium plasma to tighten the skin. Once complete, your incisions will be dressed, and you can return home.

J-Plasma Results and Recovery

Most men are able to return to office-based work within a few days of J-Plasma treatment. If you work a more labor-intensive job, you may need to wait longer. Our team will provide detailed aftercare instructions, including steps for taking care of incisions and washing. You can expect to have minor swelling and redness at your incision sites, but you can manage symptoms with over-the-counter medications. You’ll see results immediately after your procedure, but it can take a few months for final results to settle in as the skin contracts and generates new collagen. Although J-Plasma cannot stop the process of aging, it can produce long-term results as long as you practice a healthy and active lifestyle.

Schedule a Consultation

J-Plasma is a great solution for men who want to avoid surgery. To meet with our team and learn more about your options, contact our Troy, MI office by calling or filling out our online contact form.


I had surgery with Dr. Trupiano and the results are better than I ever thought possible! He’s a great surgeon and very patient and kind. I was very impressed with his office and my experience the day of surgery with the staff. I felt comfortable and in good hands from start to finish. Truly life-changing!

Dr. Trupiano was easy to talk with and answered all my questions. I felt completely comfortable under his care. His staff was warm and helpful. He was very concerned with my comfort and satisfaction. The surgical center was top notch and I was completely confident that everything would work out well. I am very pleased with the results.

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