When choosing to undergo any cosmetic procedure, it is important that you do your research before scheduling an appointment. Patients should be fully aware of what the procedure entails, required downtime, and possible side-effects. But one of the biggest things that patients should look into is what kind of surgeon will perform their procedure.

Choosing an experienced board certified plastic surgeon is imperative if you wish to see natural-looking, beautiful results. Because of the rising popularity of cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures, there is also a growing problem regarding under qualified physicians performing cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures. Not only is this dangerous, it could leave you with less than desirable results.

Misleading Titles

When prospective patients are searching for a qualified surgeon, it is important that they pay attention to the doctor’s title. If the surgeon is a board-certified plastic surgeon, that means that they have undergone rigorous plastic surgery training to become a plastic surgeon. Those who are board certified plastic surgeons are specifically trained in plastic surgery, and have at least five years of approved surgical training, including a residency in plastic surgery. They must also pass comprehensive exams in plastic surgery.

Doctors who are labeled as board certified cosmetic surgeons are not as qualified as plastic surgeons. This title can be misleading in that it doesn’t necessarily mean that the surgeon is educated in cosmetic surgery. It may even mean that the doctor is a board-certified family practitioner who is now performing cosmetic surgery—very misleading.

Overall, when searching for a plastic surgeon, make sure your doctor is board certified, and you understand what they are board certified in before committing. Taking a little time to do your research could save you from disastrous results.

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