Those looking for surgical procedures or medical spa treatments in Birmingham, MI, can find innovative, state-of-the-art breast, face, and body treatments at our plastic surgery and medical spa facilities. At Trupiano Plastic Surgery, our services can help you rejuvenate your skin or tone your physique. Learn more about our cosmetic and restorative procedures at Trupiano Plastic Surgery.

Facial Plastic Surgery

Face procedures are intended to improve your overall look by removing loose skin, balancing facial features, adding volume to certain areas, or lifting tired regions. No matter your skin concern, we offer a variety of procedures based on your cosmetic wishes. Cosmetic face procedures can enhance and reshape the structures of your face to improve your appearance and self-confidence. Trupiano Plastic Surgery in Birmingham offers:

Body Procedures

Body procedures can help you transform your natural curves. Whether you are looking for a slimmer silhouette or want to highlight the curves you already have, we have a body treatment for you. At Trupiano Plastic Surgery, we offer:

Cosmetic Breast Surgery

The look of your breasts can change over time as you begin to age, experience pregnancy, breastfeed, or have significant weight changes. At Trupiano Plastic Surgery, we are delighted to offer you a variety of breast procedures to suit your aesthetic concerns. No matter your surgical choice, we look forward to transforming your chest to boost your confidence and overall body image. We offer:

Plastic Surgery for Men

We offer procedures curated explicitly for men. Our male procedures aim to reduce fat, rejuvenate the face, and reduce chest size. These treatments help men boost their confidence and physique. Our primary male procedures include:

Non-Surgical Treatments

Our office also offers non-surgical wellness treatments to boost your appearance, health, and wellness. Non-surgical treatments can offer high-quality results without the need to go under the knife or experience a long recovery time. Our treatment options include:

About Birmingham, MI

Birmingham, Michigan, is located in Oakland County and is known as one of the best areas in Michigan. Birmingham is abundant with local restaurants, coffee shops, and scenic parks. Whether you enjoy walks outdoors or if you are foody at heart, this is an excellent area to visit. Birmingham is a relaxing area to reside in after surgery, allowing you to rest and heal as needed.

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For more information on our treatments, contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our caring experts at Trupiano Plastic Surgery in Birmingham, MI. We look forward to helping you achieve your cosmetic goals.


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