Your breasts are an essential part of your overall look and appearance. If you want to redefine your curves, breast augmentation with implants is a great way to enhance not just the look of your chest, but your entire body.

1: Illusion of a Smaller Waist

You are in luck if you want a smaller waist and larger breasts. A study showed that women who had implants had smaller waistlines than those women who did not have breast implants. Implants make your body think it is getting more fat than extra breast tissue. Therefore, your waist is proportionally smaller. However, this does not make your breasts look larger than they are.

2: Maintained Athletic Physique

Breast augmentation is one of the most common procedures performed right now. A study showed that women who had breast implants did not lose any speed or stamina so they were still able to maintain rigorous exercise routines. Implants add volume, but they do not add much weight to your body.

3: Avoid a Heavier Look

If you have always wanted more curves to your figure for that hourglass figure, but you are worried that you will appear heavier and less fit if you do so, breast implants might be the right choice. You can have curves that look youthful without adding extra volume to other areas of the body.

4: More Cleavage

Breast implants may also close gaps between the breasts and add cleavage. Women who have breast implant surgery can often wear their tops without exposing a bit of side boob. It is called a “modified” breast position and is one of many reasons women often choose to get breast implants for that added lift and cleavage.

5: Symmetrical Body Proportions

A study showed that women who had breast augmentation surgery reported more evenly shaped bodies. Some women have small breasts but wide hips or larger buttocks that create a disproportionate look in their frame. Breast augmentation will add volume to the chest to balance out your curves.

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Breast implants can be an excellent way for women to improve their bodies. Individuals in the Troy, Birmingham, Novi, and Bloomfield Hills areas who would like to learn more about breast implants should contact our office today to book a consultation with Dr. Trupiano. As a board-certified plastic surgeon with over a decade of experience, Dr. Trupiano is committed to ensuring that each patient enjoys newfound confidence following their procedure.


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