Your recovery period from your breast augmentation procedure can be the most important phase in making sure you get the results you want. This is because you’re at the highest risk for complications during this time, so it’s very important to follow any care steps given by your plastic surgeon. You’ll discuss these things at length during your consultation, but here are some things to expect as you navigate your breast augmentation recovery.

You’ll need to wear a support garment

This step, along with managing any drains and keeping your dressings clean, is highly important to your health and recovery. This garment is usually fashioned like a sports bra and provides extra support to the new implants while your body adjusts to them. Many plastic surgeons will have you wear this constantly throughout your first few days and beyond, so be sure to wear it until you’re told otherwise.

You’ll need to take it easy

As with any other surgery, it’s very important to rest during this time and avoid putting any stress on the treatment area. For breast augmentation, this can include movements like raising your arms too high or lifting heavy objects, because these can cause the new implants to shift out of place. It’s recommended that you enlist a close friend or family member to stay with you for the initial few days to help with any chores, children, or pets that need to be looked after. However, you should still be sure to lightly stretch, walk, and keep your blood moving at regular intervals— but not too much.

It may hurt

Although your plastic surgeon will prescribe pain medication to take for your first couple days of recovery, there can still be some pain and discomfort as your body recovers and adjusts. This can be especially true after the initial downtime as the swelling comes down and the breasts feel tender or uncomfortable. Another important medication to be sure and take during this time is any antibiotics given to you by your plastic surgeon, as these are crucial to fight any potential infection.

It’s always important to follow your plastic surgeon’s care steps before anything else, and you’ll most likely go back to see them once or twice during your recovery to ensure everything is healing correctly. Always be sure to ask any questions you have during these times or let them know about any concerns you may have.

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