A skin lesion is a skin condition which can be found on the different areas of the body. It is an abnormal growth or appearance compared to its surrounding skin. It can be categorized into two: primary and secondary. Primary skin lesions are already present at birth or has been acquired over one’s lifetime such as moles or birthmarks meanwhile secondary skin lesions are the result of irritation or manipulated primary skin lesions such as scratching or picking.

If you are troubled by various skin lesions that have developed on highly visible areas of your body, such as your head, neck, legs, arms and torso, you are in good company. Visible reminders of lesions and cancers can often be removed by a quick and easy procedure during an office visit that involves no advanced planning and no downtime. Some faint scarring may remain following the procedure, but will fade often completely over time.

Address and wipe away, during one simple procedure, the appearance of basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, melanoma, actinic keratosis, dystlastic nevus, lipomas, sedaceous cysts and moles.

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