PRFM Microneedling

PRFM or platelet-rich Fibrin Matrix microneedling is a minimally invasive skin rejuvenation treatment that has recently been growing in popularity. The growth factors that exist in the plasma used help to regenerate the skin by promoting collagen production while nourishing the skin. This is a great option for patients that are looking to improve the quality of their skin while looking younger and more refreshed as well.


What is Platelet-Rich Fibrin Matrix?

The PRFM used in this facial procedure is the patient’s own blood, processed to become a more platelet concentrated version of the plasma. Platelet cells encourage cell turnover and collagen growth, revealing firmer, brighter skin. Due to the fact that a patient’s own blood is used, this reduces the change of irritation or adverse reactions.


Who is a Candidate for PRFM Microneedling?

Most men and women that have uncompromised skin and realistic expectations are good candidates for this treatment. This treatment is very effective in improving a variety of skin issues including signs of aging, textural issues, and scars. One of the best attributes of PRFM microneedling is that there is little to no change of allergy or irritation since the patient’s own blood is being used.


How is PRFM Microneedling Performed?

To begin the treatment, the practitioner will harvest blood from the patient. Once collected, the blood is spun in a centrifuge device that separates the blood from the plasma. This makes a very concentrated substance full of growth factors. Once the plasma has been processed, the platelet-rich formula is then applied to the patient’s skin. Once applied, a microneedling device will be run over the skin which helps the skin to absorb the plasma. In addition to absorption, the needles on the microneedling applicator cause micro-injuries which kick-start the skin healing process. Since the treatment is topical, downtime is minimal. After the procedure, the skin will be quite red and tender. Your skin care professional will advise you on what can be applied to the skin during the healing process.


PRFM Microneedling Results & Recovery

After PRFM microneedling, you will experience some redness for approximately 24 hours and mild swelling and tenderness for 48 to 72 hours post-treatment. Overall, the recovery time is approximately three days. Once healed, you will be left with more youthful, glowing skin. Scheduling a consultation with Dr. Trupiano is the best way to find out what your specific treatment process may be like.

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