Earlobe Reduction & Repair

Different than an otoplasty, which repairs issues with the rim and prominence of the ear, earlobe surgery can repair or reduce the size of the earlobe. For many reasons, earlobes can become stretched, damaged, or disproportional over time, leading to embarrassment or negative self-image. This common and straightforward procedure can help patients restore balance and harmony to their profile.


What is an Earlobe Reduction/Repair?

This procedure can take on different forms, depending on the ears being treated. The three most common types of procedures are:

  • Gauge Repair, which fixes the large holes left by long-term wear of these earpieces.
  • Earlobe Tear, which can be caused by heavy earrings worn over a lifetime.
  • Earlobe Reduction, due to lengthening of the earlobe as aging occurs.

Along with these common types of repair, many patients opt to have an earlobe reduction because of genetics or developmental problems. Whatever your reason for pursuing a reduction or repair, Dr. Trupiano can help determine the best plan for your procedure. 


Who is a good candidate for this procedure?

You can consider an earlobe reduction or repair if you:

  • Are self-conscious of your earlobes and find yourself trying to cover them up.
  • No longer wear gauges and would like to get rid of the remaining holes.
  • Have experienced tearing from wearing heavy earrings for many years.
  • Feel like your earlobes have become flat, deflated, and elongated because of aging.
  • Are in good health and are able to undergo surgery.


What happens during a consultation? 

During your consultation with Dr. Trupiano, he will closely examine your earlobes to determine how best to reduce or repair them, including the best location for incisions in order to yield the least amount of scarring. He will also ask some questions about your medical history and reasons for undergoing this procedure. Pre-operative care instructions might also be given. Be sure to ask any questions you might have during this time.


What is the procedure like? 

The length and steps of your procedure will depend on the problem area being treated. Most methods of repairing or reducing the earlobes involve removing excess skin through an incision and suturing the remaining skin together. Dr. Trupiano will ensure you know the specific steps of your procedure prior to the operation.


What about the recovery?

Because this procedure is not highly invasive, the downtime required is minimal. Some dressings and care steps will be necessary, but your recovery will not disrupt much of your normal schedule. You may be prescribed some medications to manage pain and assist with healing. 


Will there be scarring? 

Some visible scarring is possible, depending on the extensiveness of the procedure. However, Dr. Trupiano will ensure they are as unobtrusive as possible— the goal is for you to show off your new ears, not hide them.

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