Aesthetic surgery, including the vaginal rejuvenation procedure, is becoming more and more popular. Women want to look and feel beautiful all over. Some women are bothered by a large labia minora or an asymmetrical labia. The vaginal rejuvenation procedure will re-tone, tighten and strengthen the vagina. This may help to heighten your appreciation of your body and build your self-confidence.



Benefits of Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal rejuvenation can restore youthful feminine wellness after changes from age or childbirth. Others can benefit from the procedure to improve aesthetic appearance by reducing the labia size and creating better symmetry. The vaginal rejuvenation procedure will reshape the tissue of the vagina and vulva, reducing the size of the labia and making it more symmetrical. Aside from the aesthetic changes, some of the physical benefits include better local hygiene, less labial irritation and less interference with sexual intercourse. The procedure can greatly improve a women’s self-confidence, making them feel youthful and refreshed.


The Procedure

Your vaginal rejuvenation procedure process will depend on your unique concerns being addressed and your desired aesthetic outcome. During the procedure, excess skin and unwanted tissue can be removed from the vaginal canal, labia minora, and/or labia majora. There are several different incision techniques that will be decided and discussed by your surgeon.


Recovery and Results

After your procedure, you will be able to resume normal activities within about one week. You might feel some general discomfort during this time and should avoid tampon use and sexual intercourse until your surgeon says it is okay. Once fully healed, patients report increased comfort with their body and enjoy physical benefits such as more comfortable intercourse.

Due to the taboo nature of the procedure, many people are unaware that it exists. It is common for patients to walk away feeling more beautiful and confident and wishing they had known about this vaginal rejuvenation procedure many years prior.

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